Lets face it, growth is inevitable. There are so many things on this Earth the cannot cheat growth. Lets start with the day you were born, or the day a flower was planted. At those very moments, growth began.

Growth is defined as a “natural development by increasing in size or changing physically; a progress to maturity.” This natural development has the ability to allow adaptation to any situation or circumstance. With this definition, we can apply this concept to life.

Say we took the word growth and substituted it for the word life. Do you think the concept would change much?

Life as we know it, is based on advancement. We live our lives to get the next age, grade, promotion or even the newest iPhone. We always look for the next big thing. We admire things that are better than what we currently have. As people growing in life, we work to achieve these things.

Through life, we experience so many levels. However, sometimes we get stuck or comfortable, and we can’t move forward. We have all experienced the feeling of not knowing what to do next, or feeling like you keep failing yourself. This is by far the most annoying feeling in the world, but you can start over.

They say social media makes situations worst, but I believe the opposite. When you focus on the bigger picture, social media can be your biggest supporter and inspiration. Of course you have the negative Nancy’s that can find any and everything wrong with what you are doing with your life. However, it is up to you to ignore them and continue to surround yourself with positive affirmation. This is the only way you can get back on track.

I used to believe that I would never make it out of college. I kept falling victim to self-sabotage. I would be presented with opportunities that could be beneficial today, but because of fear…I played myself. For two years, I suffered from depression. Deep down inside I knew I was better than how I was performing, but what was I doing to keep me where I was. The craziest thing was no one knew I was going through this. I had all these emotions bottled inside and I cracked.

However one day, I was sitting in my apartment alone. I thought about all the goals I wanted to accomplish in my life. I wrote them down and I started to pray. I asked God if he could help me refocus my life. I wanted to be proud of myself at the end. I prayed for love and support, and I got them all, slowly but surely. 

God has a way of showing you, who is for you and who isn’t. During this process you’ll have to let some people go. It will hurt but you have to do it. Now I’m not sure what your beliefs are, but my hope is that you believe in something. Life has a way of clouding your vision, but only if you allow it.

Starting over is ok! It’s better than hurting yourself.

Recognize the activities in your life that makes you happy. These activities are important to your success and growth. Once you know what those things are, write them down. Check your daily schedule and compare them to that list. Does your schedule support the things that make you happy?

Outside of work and school, your free time should be focused on feeding your happiness. They happier you are the more successful you will be.

I hope that this will help someone out there get back on track. Please share with your networks and don’t forget to connect with me socially.

Remember to love yourself and love your life!




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