I’ve recently transitioned to the vegetarian lifestyle. I still enjoy eggs but most of my diet is plant, pasta and fruit base.

I’ve always wanted to be vegetarian, but I also always fell into the trap of not “fitting in” with my other meat eating friends. Shaking my head, I’m literally shaking my head as I typed that entire sentence. Anyway, yes I wasn’t ready to be that different friend who doesn’t eat meat for no reason.

Yes, I gave up meat for no reason at all. My thought process was this…

We weren’t created to eat meat in the first place, fish of course. Considering the fish and bread bible story, but cow, chicken and every other type of meat, was not meant to be consumed. So why do it?

Up until May 16, 2016, I consumed meat and meat based products. Chicken after the gym was the bees knees a few months ago. Last year, a friend of mine started juicing for detox purposes. She encouraged us to join this week long detox torture! AND I MEAN TORTURE! I was neither mentally nor physically prepared to starve myself.

My body experience hunger like never before, but I tried for about 5 days and I stopped after I almost drove off 131 driving home from work one day, since I hadn’t eaten in days and only had one 1 Quart mason jar of green goodness. Yea I was super straight on all that.

So May 16th my bestfriend and I committed to one week of juicing and only eating raw plant based foods. In plain terms fruits and veggies to snack on in addition to juice and water. This was great, my mind and body was open and receptive to the process. I started to think further, whats the point of detoxing if your going to put the stuff back? 

Practically starving yourself for nothing. So I gave it up! After the detox I implemented grains and pastas back into my diet. Yes the breakthrough! I finally did it. Step 2 complete after getting in the groove of working out everyday, my diet is finally on point. This is keeping me from driving to Wendy’s for a 4 for $4 at 9pm because I don’t feel like cooking, or feel like I have nothing to cook.

Now being home and vegetarian is even deeper.

Everyone in this household is a meat eater and a few days ago I had to cook my meal for myself. My mom decided to make stir-fry, actually chicken stir-fry. After asking me if I could just pick out the chicken once she cooked it all, I politely declined and go to work.

Y’all being a vegetarian has made me so patient with my food. I’m very selective of how I season my dishes and what they look like.

OMG! Presentation is everything to me. I pride myself on preparing good looking and tasteful vegetarian delights.

The sauce I prepared was the best part to the perfectly cooked rice and steamed vegetables.

The sauce included:

EVOO, Soy sauce, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, brown sugar, honey, crush red peppers, paprika, and my secret ingredient………………steak sauce! Yes steak sauce, it kicked it all the way up.

I wish I could tell you how much of everything, but I cook to taste. When making this sauce you want it to taste sweet and spicy and the steak sauce adds the tang. I know thats a lot of flavors but I promise it taste like you just left some fancy hibachi grill restaurant.

I call my rice perfect, because I never cooked rice successful until this day. I literally used to cook my rice so it always turned out sticky and over cooked. This time I brought my water to a boil, added 1 and a half cup of rice. I turned the stove off and let the rice cook itself. Shoutout to my auntie for this gem, because I had no idea.

Look at that rice! I’m so proud of this dish, so much so, I posted it everywhere. The veggies included carrots, broccoli, cucumber, asparagus, red bell pepper, and green peas. Please try it and I hope it turns out just as amazing.


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