That is right, I went to Las Vegas, Nevada. I had so much fun, exhausting as all hell… but fun. I told you guys in a previous post that my bestfriend and now roommate, took me to Vegas for a graduation present. She’s the best, I know! 

Anywho, so we flew to Vegas on Monday July 4th. Yes I spent my holiday on a plane, however the benefit of flying to Vegas from Michigan is being able to go back in time. 

No, obviously not actual time travel but the change in time zones definitely felt like it. We left Michigan at 11:09a.m, we touched down at McCarren International Airport at 12:20p.m Pacific Time. 

While Midwest is already going on 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s just lunch time in Nevada. After checking into the Luxor Hotel and Casino, we changed clothes and hit the strip. 

IT WAS 106 DEGREES OUTSIDE! It was so damn hot, my goodness. But we still took our happy-go-lucky-we-anit-from-here asses out there. We walked through the hotels to catch a break from the heat, and I found paradise. 

Right under Aria Hotel! There was a dual level Prada store. Two levels and luxury! Two levels of Glambitiousness! I turned one way and laid eyes on a Jimmy Choo pump, I shut my eyes tight and turned away as if I had the money to shop there but I didn’t wanna spend any money. 

I’m laughing so hard, while I writing that. But it’s so true. I love luxury assessories, I have a problem seriously. I need help! I want a Louis Vitton wallet so bad……Then eventually a Never Full, but you get my point. 

I turned another way and I saw a woman walk out of Gucci with two extra large shopper bags. Like the paper bags with nice reinforced handles. She was obviously BALLIN’! 

I was literally walking through my Pinterest board. 

After leaving heaven we walked out in what still feels like Hell, we find a bar. We are excited to see Happy Hour signs! Woohooo! Yea No! $15 Margarita Slushy are not Happy Hour Prices Vegas!!!! 

My first drink in Vegas is $15 buckaroos! Some of you are probably shocked and wildly confused as to why we paid that much. Well do not worry, I am going to tell you. 

1. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but it’s our first time in Vegas. So cut us some slack, okay! We didn’t know. 

2. No seriously, we didn’t know. We asked the guy by the slushy machine how much the larger cup was and he replys $20. So we decided that the smallest cup on the table which was about 16 oz, had to be no more than $10. So we order two of the smallest cup on the table. He pours the tequila adds the slush, tadaaa….margarita. 

“Just take these to the bar over there and they’ll ring you up,” says the slushy man. 

We wait in line about a quarter way in our drinks and we hear a voice say “$15.” 

Ha! You should’ve seen the way we looked at each other. Eyes buldging and rolling all at once. 

So we really didn’t know. Visiting Vegas Lesson #1, size does not determine price. 

We make our way back up the strip, savoring the flavor on our baller drinks. We found a liquor store and got a bottle of something dark and since cant have glass bottles, something cheap. 

And if you know anything about us, you know Captain and Apple Juice will do. 

That was for later, before heading to Jewel Nighclub. 

Day 2: 

Relax day! Yes, already. The strip is exhausting, so we went to the pool. Oh did I mention how beautiful the mountain are! Oh my goodness, they were the highlight of my trip. The way the sun makes them change colors or the fact that they are so far away they look like backdrops. 

But the pool was interesting. Mainly the people watching part. People do not care about what they look like by the pool, while in Vegas. I saw too much! I’ll just put it that way. Bathing suits are obviously chosen in the dark, because something was either too small or too big. 

It was just too much. 

Day 3: 

After fighting a hangerover til about 2p.m. PT, we went to visit theD hotel and downtown Las Vegas. Which is apparently the old strip, before Las Vegas Blvd was a thing. Then on the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Fashion Show Mall. This night we go to Light Nightclub, and it was lit! The Djs were great, we had so much fun. My snapchat was live. 

It’s so great women get in free everywhere and free drink tickets. Kevin Hart was supposed to be at that party, but never showed up because he was passed out on his plane according to his Instagram. 

Day 4:

Another pool day but it’s a pool day party at Daylight in Madalay Bay. It was fun too I drank vodka and water with a splash a lemon and turnt up with my feet in the water soaking up the sun! The rest of this day my body began to slowly shut down. Between the heat and drinking, my body was so tired I slept from 3:30pm to 2am. 

I woke up periodically in between but I was on bed rest. Bed written with throbbing ankles. I was so tired. 

The next day was travel back day. I was tired and I looked like it. My locs were in a lopsided bun. I walked like I was just hit by a semi truck. My sunglasses was my mask that day, hiding the bags under my low, red puffy eyes. The worst part about flying from Las Vegas to Michigan, is waking up at 6:30a.m PT and landing at DTW a quarter to 6p.m Eastern Standard Time. 

Stupid time travel. 

For the most part Vegas was a great experience. I had so much fun and I owe it all to my right hand man. I’ve been to the west coast. Yay! 

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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