So I was contemplating on rather or not I wanted to write on this topic. Shame on me for contemplating, because the purpose of this blog is to voice my thoughts. 

So where do I begin? 

I am an “African American” woman. I AM BLACK! My family is black, my dad is black, my uncles are black, my man is black. WE ARE BLACK! 

We are black and we are hurting. It hurts to see families–BLACK families on national TV crying out for justice, that they will never receive. 

This has become an outrage. Why is our country like this? Why is the media capitalizing off the pain and oppression of black citizens? 

Why don’t black lives matter? I remember being able to ride my bike around my neighborhood without my mom worrying. Now I can’t even drive to my sisters house without my mom wanting to know my longitude and latitude coordinates and I’m going on 24 years-old. 

“This world is crazy Jill, be careful!”

Why do white people despise the thought of a black man running this country? Why is it that, caucasians scream “go back to Africa!” as if our ancestors asked for a ride over here. How dare you live off the labor of my ancestors and say I don’t belong here? 

And since when was this “Y’all” land in the first place? The Native Americans (hints the name) should be putting us ALL out. 

I’m just saying. 

Year after year, black people have been victims to those who are supposed to serve and protect. I also agree that not all cops are bad, but the officers who are, are a disgrace to the purpose and mission of being an officer. He is a disgrace to his family and his community. 

I’m over this. 

It’s so heartbreaking. I hope in my years of living, I’ll be able to witness the change –because this is rediculous. 

And I just think it’s funny how…..I’ve been seeing post about sharing your Netflix password is now a federal crime. 

You have to be kidding me! A password! But cops are getting paid leave for murder! And let me say this, Alton Stirling did not die from selling CDs. He did nothing at all, as he was being pinned down by two cops. Both hands restrained and empty. The gun was found in his pocket after he had been shot already. 

I forced myself to watch that video 5 times, looking for any possible reason results had to be fatal. 

I saw nothing, nothing at all.

Black lives need to matter–but since they’ve never mattered, it is difficult to understand how our lives should matter.

I want all my brothers and sisters to be safe, be wise and focus on getting home to your family. 

I love you all. Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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