I just finished my first week at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m this years public relations intern. 

So far I’ve created two press release templates, researched some media contacts, tracked earned media and a few other basic PR task. I love it!  The atmosphere is so relaxed yet productive. 

I travel 50 miles from Kalamazoo to GR, three days out the week. Each of my “shifts” are 7-hours. 

ArtPrize is an art competition and festival in downtown GR during the fall. Winners of the competition are by public vote. The grand prize is $200,000! 

I think this will be a pretty great experience. I think it’s effective to have experienced writers put their eyes on your content, as an entry level. It’s nerve wrecking as well. Only because I want to be perfect, I have this standard in my head that I’m working so hard to be; I’m always really hard on myself about my writing. 

So this blog is really scary for me. Even though I love to write, having someone else have an opinion about my work, freaks me out a little. 

That probably makes no sense to some of you, but that’s the only way I can explain it. It’s like an insecurity–letting people in my head. 

I’m quiet and observant, so I can fall into the shadows real fast. This is me trying to stand out. Forcing myself to “stand out” and speak up. Stop being afraid to share my ideas. 

My goal is to challenge my writing skills. I’ve been reading a lot lately, expanding my vocabulary and practicing my narrative voice. I work on a team, assisting in creating, maintaining and managing the relationships and buzz about the annual festival. 

The Typical Day consist of me sitting at a table, next to the window, obviously. We’re located downtown so I’m able to people watch– it gives my brain a rest. I’m not used to being so motionless. I used to work in retail, I was only walking and talking, just constant moving. 

Now I’m just sitting there, writing and searching the web. 

My favorite thing about working there, is the endless supply of tea. Oh my goodness, all the green tea I ever wanted. I have to bring honey but the mugs and tea are super hype! 

I can’t wait to actually start “getting my hands dirty.” I want to build my own contacts without being weird and quiet, like always. I never know what to say and when I do say something it’s soft and high pitched, as if I was guessing the suggestion. It’s really dumb, because if you know me. I’m loud. All the time. I don’t know who this other Jill person is. She’s annoying. I’m laughing but I’m very serious. 

I have to remember to sit up and speak up. I have to make an effort to remember the people I meet. I have to build the relationships. I challenged myself to get to know 3 co-workers. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m excited for this opportunity, I’m learning the daily task of a publicist. I’m preparing to be an awesome head publicist for my own agency. Framepointe PR & Events will be sucessful, my life depends on it. 

I’m ready for the professional growth that awaits. I hope you all are ready for the ride as well. 

I want to thank those individuals who have been reading my post. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please share. 

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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