Two years ago, my friends and I were deciding what we were going to be for Halloween. We wanted to do a group theme. So obviously, sexy bunnies! 

We pulled out our the fishnets, thigh highs, and bow ties, being fast. 

But before this day we had get on fleek, no rolls and pudgy fupas, because that’s not cute. So we went to the gym everyday for two months. We were dedicated. We ARE dedicated. From then on we’ve been growing and losing weight. 

I’m not sure how much I’ve lost, but I can look in the mirror and I can see there’s a major difference. 

I changed my eating habits, I started eating clean(ish). I drank more water and I hit the gym everyday. Now, I’m vegetarian, and it was something I wanted to do for a long time. I just couldn’t comply at first, I kept cheating. I wasn’t ready. Mentally or emotionally. 

On May 16, I started a juice detox. For 7-days, my bestfriend and I drank juice, water and snacked on raw plant foods. I was thinking to myself, what’s after this. Why am I detoxing? 

I came to the conclusion, that there is no point in detoxing if your going to put the toxins back. So I decided day 4 of my detox I was going to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle. I still eat eggs and cheese, but I haven’t had meat in three months. 

I do eat soy protein, when I want that burger or sausage taste. But I’m real big on pastas and rice, especially with vegetables. I love steamed veggies. 

But I’m very particular about what I eat and how much I eat. I snack all day while drinking at least 64 oz of water a day. This keeps my matabolism in high gear. 

When I’m at the gym, I start off with 1 mile on the treadmill. I keep a constant speed. I can comfortably run between 4.5 and 5.5 all the way through. I target my abs and butt with, crunches and squat sequences. Follow @everydaygoinghard on Instagram for the workouts we do. 

I recently added arm workouts in my routine. It’s time to tone up and get lean. Most of the fat in my arms disappeared from running, so for a while I felt like that’s all I needed.

Then a friend of mine, pointed out how we all can’t don’t push ups. But we Everyday Going Hard….yeah barely. So I’ll let you know how that’s working out for me. 

Advice, stay consistent and be patient with yourself. Starting isn’t easy but finishing is such a reward. I enjoy working out so much, I’m sad when I don’t go to the gym. I feel guilty like I’m skipping class or something. It’s that deep. 

There’s a change in my skin. Besides my tan from Vegas, I have this glow thats makes me look healthy. I love the way I look. I’ve never really had low self esteem but I didn’t like the way my body was built. 

The picture above to the left, is my younger sisters senior pictures. She graduated high school in 2014, so this was 2 years ago before the life style change. The photo is the black was earlier this year. 

I still have a lot of toning to do but my overall body has changed. My look and demeanor has changed. I found my true beauty in being healthy and I love every bit of it. I have a goal in mind on what I want my body to be like and I’m so close, I just have to stay focused. 

Working out has become one of the things I had to learn to love. Seeing progress helps too, but you have to be willing to want to change. You have to put in time and like I said before be patient with yourself. Understand that change won’t happen over night. 

I can say that my consistency was channeled through my Everyday Going Hard team. Without us constantly pushing each other and coaching one another, this change would have never been possible. So if you want to get fit and start taking charge of your diet, surround yourself with like minded people. It creates accountability among the group. 

Life is too short, considering they’re taking our lives away from us. So you have to take care of yourself! 

I know you’ll make the change. If you need some motivation please follow @EverydayGoingHard on Instagram. We are just starting out so it’s just 3 of us, but join the movement. We will be your team players and support you all the way through! 

I believe in you, you can do it. You’ll take a few loses, but the gains are so worth the journey. 

Remember to LOVE you and Love YOUR journey! 



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