First, sorry I haven’t been posting, my internship has gotten pretty real this week. It’s Thursday aka my Friday and all of my projects are complete. So yay, first day of not bringing work home. 

Anywho, I wanted to update you all on what’s been going on the past couple of days and the past few hours. I’ve created a schedule for posting. I know… I should’ve done that first, but I had to get a groove of my schedule and correlating that with the content I want to present. So, I know I promised daily blogs for GLAMBITIOUS, but I will be scheduling post 3 times per week. 

Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 5 p.m post will be published. To keep things consistent and in order, Mondays will be dedicated to personal and professional experiences and tips. Post will include my health and fitness journey along with my internship experiences. 

Tuesday: I’ll be introducing a new segment called GLAMtech. These post will discuss all thing technology and gadgets for us girls. 

Friday are designated for surprise topics. I’m thinking product reviews, but who knows…it’s a surprise. 

I want to be as open as possible with you all. I’ve been getting great feedback on my content and I will keep up with the demand. One thing I have to get out of the habit of, is not finishing what I started. 

Speaking of great feedback, there is a reason for cutting my post schedule. 

I’m proud to announce that I’m the newest writer for The Social B. Blogging team. Yay! I’m so excited to be apart of such a great brand. If you’re unfamiliar with The Social B, it is a social entertainment company that exploits the social entertainment world. 

I’ll be writing about everything for us millinnials. As a young professional, I’m hoping this opportunity will continue to expose me to the world. I am growing as a writer and as I preach all the time, I believe in creating my opportunities. If I didn’t have this blog, I wouldn’t have any creditablity. 

Also, I am now a Naturally Curly trendsetter. I received an email today personally requesting me to join community of naturalistas. With this opprotunity, I will be participating in surveys and discussion forums, assisting NaturallyCurly with solving  hair care and beauty industry challenges, and also serving as a liaison between the natural hair industry and my fellow naturalistas. I can’t wait to share my opinion of the various topics. 

This week as been a rollercoster, but to say the least it was completely worth it. I’ll be back Monday with a post at 5p.m. 

Again, thank you for all the support. 

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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