Yes, it’s true. I manage and edit my blogs and sites all from my iPhone 6s. Since my laptop was stolen a few months ago, my phone has been my “laptop” ever since. Even during my last semester of school, using apps like google docs, I was able to type papers from anywhere.

But I want to share the top 5 apps that makes all of this possible.

  1. WordPress- this is where all the magic happens. I compose and edit my post here. It’s user friendly, I can add and manage different sites all from my dashboard. I can check post stats and respond to comments. This app is the primary reason I’m able to post as much.
  2. – the recent mobile app launch changed my graphic content almost over night. I use Canva to create my post featuring images. I’m still learning how to use the app and all its features. I’ll keep you guys updated on that progress.
  3. Twitter- my audience in the palm of my hand. I tailor my post toward female millennials and what better way to announce the “new post alert” than right to their timeline. Twitter is where most of my views generate from.
  4. Facebook- I connected my WordPress app to Facebook, so every published post is shared to my news feed. I honestly don’t get much feedback from Facebook, but that’s a network of 500+ people. Someone is going to read GLAMBITIOUS.
  5. Pinterest- my inspiration app. I can find everything on Pinterest. I’ve been researching tips and tricks for new bloggers and the content found has been extremely helpful. Pinterest provides inspiration for all departments of my life.

I miss my laptop everyday and my limited income is the reason I don’t have another one. The cons of working from my phone is the fact that content takes up so much storage. Photos and notes, keeps the storage notification popping up. It is really annoying, but I really can’t afford anything right now, let alone a laptop.

I’m currently applying to several places for another part time job that will generate some extra income. Then I’ll be able to save and get the computer I want.

But anywho to close this out, these apps are what is driving GLAMBITIOUS and my other blog contributions. It is what’s working for me now and staying on a schedule is keeping me consistent and organized.

GLAMBITIOUS is almost 1 month and it’s working. It’s a start, I have big goals for this blog. This is the testimony for when the come up occurs. I’m excited for the future of GLAMBITIOUS, so all I can say is stay tuned.

Don’t let any limitations stand in your way.

Remember to LOVE  you and LOVE your journey.



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