My birthday is next Friday! YAY!!!! I will be twenty-four years old and boy does time fly!

Lately, I’ve been wondering what does year 24 have for me. Then I realized, I didn’t have any goals set. Shaking my head– No matter who you are, you need to be setting goals and attaining them. Regardless if it’s to get a new phone or a new house, it’s a goal–SO GO GET IT!

I sat down and declared some goals for my 24th year of life, and I came up with a pretty long list. I wanted to make sure these goals were attainable and realistic. Therefore, 12 months from now, nothing should be left to cross off.

Setting goals is extremely important. You want to be working toward something at all times. So I’ve come up with FIVE TIPS that will make setting goals easy and attainable.

First things first, make a list of the things you want to do. Remember it’s going to take one year to complete them all, so be realistic. If you need a little help, List 1 long term goal, 2 short term goals and a daily goal. This will create hierarchy in the list, allowing you to plan the proper amount of time to achieve each of them.

Secondly, define each goal. This is done by developing a step by step approach that will ensure you not only reach that goal but in increments. This step is very beneficial for Long Term goals. Breaking the target goal into smaller steps makes the goal feel more achievable.

For example, I want generate 12,000+ views for Glambitious within a year. That seems pretty far fetch considering Glambitious is barely a month old. However, I broke that goal down into several short term goals. 12,000 views a year means 1,000 views per month which is 250 views per week which means all I need is  35 views per day. 35 views per day seems more attainable than shooting for the complete 12,000 views without a plan on how to get there.

To reach this goal, I have to commit to a posting schedule. I have to generate content to promote and advertise, to bring in the readers. I have to purchase a domain for a clean and polished url. These few small goals are going to help generate that 12k.

The third tip is to believe in your plan. You have to believe that you have the capability to reach each goal. Believing in yourself will put you in a place of manifestation. Having faith is the number one rule of success. If you think you can’t do it, you’ll find every reason to not to.

In addition to believing in your plan, you want to track yourself. This is how you stay accountable for your journey. Create a journal specifically for goal setting. Use it to take notes of new ideas, note things that didn’t work for you, change of plans, etc. JUST WRITE IT ALL DOWN.

The last but most important tip is to stay consistent. Don’t get distracted, or allow failure to knock you off your flow. Understand that things will come up and you will have to motivate yourself to keep going. If what you are working toward is worth it, you will put in the work needed and the consistency will follow.

Being a goal getter is fun and intimidating all at the same time, but you will enjoy the growth and the wisdom that comes with the journey.

A bonus tip: Surround yourself with liked minded people. There are many support groups online or in-person, that will be there for assistance when you feel like you can’t do it alone. I recommend doing some research on a few groups on Facebook or creating that group of people to fill that void, if there is one.

Although, I will recommend the Goal Getters Group by Jereshia Hawk. I want to join as well and is listed as one of my goals for year 24. I’m currently waiting for my first check so I can invest in my goals.  I’ve heard so many great things about these group of women and how dynamic Jereshia’s coaching is, I really encourage you all to check it out.

I hope these tips will be helpful for your next round of goal setting. Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey.





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