Stop being an Emotional Wreck, here’s how to feel better. 

I don't think I've cried so much in my life than I have this week. Which is weird, for me at least. It's rare that I'm ever "emotional" so the moment I can't go a day without crying, I have to implement a few things to get over myself and move on. Since Wednesday of … Continue reading Stop being an Emotional Wreck, here’s how to feel better. 

Talking Through It 

I want you to think of the last time you were mad at someone. Why were you upset with them? Did you address it? or did you ignore them?  If you're anything like myself, you probably chose to ignore them and pretend to go on with your life. We have to stop doing this. If … Continue reading Talking Through It 

Join the Glam Squad

Glambitious The Blog is a platform for empowerment. I share my experiences as a millennial to encourage and inspired those reading. But I want to expand the perspective, by adding to The Glam Squad.  Glam Squad Candidates are:  Honest, inspiring, persevering, and humble. If you or any one you know posses these qualities, I encourage … Continue reading Join the Glam Squad

I’ve Finally Let “it” Go

Have you ever encountered a situation you know would normally piss you off? But this encounter is different, you don’t get mad at all. Instead you smile, laugh or shrug your shoulders. If this has happened to you, you’ve finally let it go. I’ve recently had this experience. Finally letting go of something is the best … Continue reading I’ve Finally Let “it” Go

I Cannot Wait Until the Real iOS 10 Update.

So this fall Apple will debut the new software update and I couldn’t be more excited. For the past few months, I’ve been using the beta version. With the beta version, I’ve been able to experience iOS10, but just barely. With all the glitches and bugs, my phone suffers a little bit with the download. … Continue reading I Cannot Wait Until the Real iOS 10 Update.

Back Home. 

In two months I’ll be living back in Detroit. This is a bittersweet for me, I’ve been on my own since 2010, I’ve only had to move back home twice for the summer. This seems more permanent and living with my parents has it’s pros and cons. I’m glad I don’t have major bills like … Continue reading Back Home. 

GLAMTech: “I wish the Thief Could Have Logged In.”

My laptop was stolen out of my car a couple months ago. I'm sure you're asking yourself why on earth did you leave it in the car Jill? Well don't ask, I know it was dumb, but that wasn't the plan.  That night my Bestfriend and I went out as soon as I got out … Continue reading GLAMTech: “I wish the Thief Could Have Logged In.”