In two months I’ll be living back in Detroit. This is a bittersweet for me, I’ve been on my own since 2010, I’ve only had to move back home twice for the summer. This seems more permanent and living with my parents has it’s pros and cons. I’m glad I don’t have major bills like rent and utilities, but I want have to starve to death either, like I’ve been living on my own. I have more fun cooking my vegetarian meals at my parents house anyway, it’s more ingredients.

I plan to give myself until about March to get into a career and move on to my own place. However, there lies another issue, I don’t have a job lined up after I’m done at ArtPrize. I’ve applied to so many places and I’m getting no luck. So with that I’ve been signing up for webinars and conferences so I can continue to master my skills for the PR industry.

Ultimately, I will be running my own business. By Winter 2017 I will be a full-time entrepreneur, but I need money to invest into Framepointe Collective. Yes, I’ve decided to change the name of my brand, just because there are many services I will be providing under the Framepointe name. I will be planning events, and developing brands, I want to perfect my public speaking skills, by attending speaking engagements and volunteering for panels. I will be my brand and an  influencer.

I’m sure having all of these passions, it’s what’s keeping me from finding that dream job. Although, positions that have this type of work, requires several years of experience. Because five and a half years of college isn’t enough.In the corporate world, my ultimate goal is to become an Editor and Chief for a magazine. I would love to work for Essence Magazine. I’ve actually applied for a junior publicist position with Time, Inc. No, call back though.

Anywho, while staying home I will be able to take the time needed to invest in my brand without stressing about bills. In addition to my B.A in Public Relations, I also minored in fashion merchandising. I could potentially get a job within the retail industry…again. I used to be a sales manager at both Sunglass Hut and The Limited. I have a few years of experience in customer service, I can do it in my sleep.

I remember my first fast food job at Taco Bell, when I got off work, I could still here the bell ringing in my ear and I would be taking orders in my sleep. I’m actually shaking my head. That job sucked, but I was good at it. Customer Service is my “thing.” My internship is over mid- October, so I’m hoping things pick up in the professional areas of my life.

Thanks for reading through my thoughts. 

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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