Have you ever encountered a situation you know would normally piss you off? But this encounter is different, you don’t get mad at all. Instead you smile, laugh or shrug your shoulders. If this has happened to you, you’ve finally let it go. I’ve recently had this experience. Finally letting go of something is the best feeling of all time. It  almost feels euphoric, I couldn’t stop smiling. Happy, at the simple fact that anger was no longer in my heart. Lately, I’ve been subconsciously forgiving people who have hurt me in the past. In addition, I’ve also been subconsciously forgiving myself for hurting people. I haven’t been happier, I have a sense of peace like no other.

I’ve been reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, and I have been implementing changes in my life. So I’m sure it gave me the much needed push to overcome a lot of hurt. Most importantly holding myself accountable for the journey I’ve experienced thus far. My struggles have been solely my fault, I’ve let so many opportunities pass me by because of fear, laziness, procrastination….the list goes on. I chose to hurt people to save myself from being the bad guy. I was straight up pathetic.

I’ve lied to people, I care about, which in return bit me in my ass. But I forgave myself for everything, and life has been brightening up for sometime now and I’m grateful. I’m finally over the hill and I have nothing pulling me back down. No guilt, no worry, no jealousy, nothing. I’ve been receiving blessings that are for me, and I know that because I’ve been praying for them for so long.

Here’s a tip, don’t pray for help if you’re not mature enough to let go of what’s keeping you down. Whatever toxic relationship you have with someone or something, let it go. It’s unhealthy for your spirit. Take it from me.

I am taking charge of my life. Challenging myself for 365 days to live intentionally. Having more of a why not attitude about the opportunities that present themselves. Investing in my future. I’ve recently published a post about moving back to the nest (moms house) but the more I ponder the idea, the more I feel like it’s the easy way out. So I’m doing something about it. Holding on to baggage will slow you down, it’s like climbing a mountain, holding a 50lbs bag of food “so you don’t starve” but what you don’t know is that once you get to the top, it’s an all you can eat buffet. You make it hard to move up when you can’t move on.

So let go of that breakup, let go of that lost job, let go of the fact that you don’t have a man…just let it go. Have faith in your ability to move on.

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey.


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