I want you to think of the last time you were mad at someone. Why were you upset with them? Did you address it? or did you ignore them? 

If you’re anything like myself, you probably chose to ignore them and pretend to go on with your life. We have to stop doing this. If you aren’t like this, you have to give us some tips. Not admitting you need closure, causes so many other problems. Like constantly bugging your Bestfriend talking about the situation. 

If you’re going to talk through it, the only person you should be talking to is the person involved. 

I recently been able to talk through a few things. Purposely reconnecting with people that I swore to be angry with and too never talk to again. What a breakthrough. Getting closure has to be the best feeling of all time. 

In my post before last, I discussed the benefits of letting things go. But those tips are extreamly ineffective if you still have baggage you’re holding on to. 

So next time your immediate reaction is to be pissed at someone forever don’t, you’ll only be hurting and hating yourself. 

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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