I don’t think I’ve cried so much in my life than I have this week. Which is weird, for me at least. It’s rare that I’m ever “emotional” so the moment I can’t go a day without crying, I have to implement a few things to get over myself and move on.

Since Wednesday of last week, I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve gotten good news and bad news. I’ve been worrying and trying to get through a number of things. I’m almost certain it’s the imbalance in hormones us ladies tend to go through due to life, regardless I just could not get a break. So, I want to share my favorite ways to get myself into a better mood.

First things first, Prayer. I pray for a number of reasons. But, when I’m down I ask God to give me the strength to get through what ever I’m going through. I surrender all of my issues to God. Soon After I stop thinking about them.

Secondly, Meditation. This is a new practice I’ve adopted recently to deal with stress and emotional imbalance. Meditation (when done properly) can be very effective. It does feel weird sitting on the futon with my eyes closed in complete silence; but I feel calm and my head is clear. Each day I find a moment to meditate for 5 minute. I set a timer on my phone, so I’m not looking at the time every 5 seconds.

I also like to Write it Down, better known as journaling. I ask myself one question, “how do you feel?” the rest is leaking out of my pen or eyebrow pencil, because I’m sitting in the parking structure crying my eyes out. Writing it on paper helps me get all of my thoughts on paper. Usually, I only cry if I’m overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is just me overthinking and putting too much meaning into those thoughts. 

There is also, Talking through it.  I’m grateful to have awesome friends I can vent to and they’ll give me honest advice. Click the link, I talk more about it there. This is also my least favorite practice, just because it requires me to be vulnerable and open (not my best traits). It forces me to be honest with myself and openly show my scars–please know I’m rolling my eyes. If you have someone who cares about you, talk to them. You have no reason to keep it bottled up inside.

Note that these practices helps for any situation, not just when you’re being a crybaby like me. But if you’re having trouble deciding on whether or not you should quit your job, by that house or break up with your boyfriend, try each of these methods to see what works best for you.

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey.



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