There is a common misconception that women aren’t or cannot be tech savvy. That we’re only good for nurturing and household responsibilities. I know that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my point. Anyone if you find any truth in that statement, you are sadly mistaken. 

Women have been the leading homosapien at being the Jane of all trades. We are the best at multi(anything). You can’t tell me you haven’t seen a woman (probably your mom) cooking, making phone calls while keeping the baby quiet and doing laundry. Exactly, we’re the bomb. 

Todays GLAMTech entry is taking the time to highlight my favorite tech savvy sisters. I’m certain there are more women out there strutting the tech world in pink pumps and kicking ass at it too. 

These women have amazing stories that inspires me on so many levels. These women are all business owners who have learned the trade and are teaching what they know to aspiring boss lady’s like myself. 

So first up… 

Shameless Mya, and that she is! 2 years ago she set out a journey to shamelessly promote herself. This experiment has complete turned her life around. I’ve witness her transformation as a woman over the years and she is a living testimony that law of attraction works. She a Photographer, Actor, Youtuber, Entreprenuer—she’s been a host on the BET Awards Red Carpet. She’s the visionary behind Prince latest album cover art. This “trick” has done it all. I definitely recommend watching her on YouTube and following her on snapchat. I guarantee  you will GET YO LIFE! 

Next up…. 

Meagan Ward of Creatively Flawless Branding Agency. She’s an alumna from my school and for the past year this mom to be has been the definition of Grind. Even now with her baby bump, she has been a panelist at several events. She’s the visionary behind the Powerful Women’s Weekend. She’s a teacher of all things glam tech when class is in session at Creative Flawless Academy. I admire her get it done attitude. I was able to invite her to my first empowerment event, and though not many people showed up–she shared such an inspiring story about her journey to get to where she is. I will be working with her in the future, you can bet on that. 

Last but surely not least. 

Charli Marie– I’ve recently discovered  New Zealand Youtuber and she is awesome. She specializes in all things design, her YouTube channel is super infomative and she also has the coolest T-shirt line. I love all of her content, it’s simple, cute yet high quality. I’ve been binge watching her channel and I’ve learned so much. I have so many ideas from what I’ve learned watching Charli. Definitely subscribe to her channel if you’re interested in design, printing, and fashion. 


Web and brand design has been something I’ve been wanting to learn for years. I pray I’m accepted to the Creatively Flawless Academy this winter, being a pupil to Meagan Ward would be the best accomplishment and an awesome addition to my already fleeky resume. 

If there is something out there you want. Surround yourself with those who have it and I guarantee the opportunity will present itself. 

Don’t forget 

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey. 



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