Of course, as usual I start something and life gets crazy and distracts. So much has been going on, I don’t even know where to start. I’m two weeks from finishing my internship with ArtPrize. I’ve have an actual full-time job with benefits. I’ve moved into my own apartment.

So to say the least, I’ve been adjusting to my new schedule, surroundings and over-all life. This is the first fall I’m not sitting in a classroom, and living off a refund check for a few months. Adult life has begun and hit the ground running.

In addition to writing here, I also write for two additional platforms The Social B. and MyTrendingStories. These platforms require me to post frequently throughout the week, so check out my stories there.

ArtPrize is coming to an end for me, I’m two weeks from my last day as the PR intern for this season. I’m excited to be done, to be honest. Driving 110 miles round trip, three days out the week, has gotten annoying. I absolutely hate it- the drive ofcourse. I had to get another job to keep up with my gas tank. I knew I would be over it, when I started; however, it’s a great conversation starter and an awesome resume addition.

As far as my new job, I work for Underground Printing in Kalamazoo. It’s a custom apparel company that started out in Ann Arbor. I’m the Assistant Store Manager, it’s pretty great working here. There are so many companies that could use branding products, and that’s where we come in. I prospect different clients that are fitness brands/gyms, beauty shops and WMU student organizations. I also have several endeavors that I need custom printing for, so working here comes in handy.

For those who read my blogs often, please disregard the Returning Back to the Nest post. I’ve found my own place– a SHOEBOXX to be exact. I’ve recently moved into my first studio apartment in the Vine neighborhood. It’s really small, but I wouldn’t trade it for a mansion right now. All of my utilities are included except internet. The rent is super low and the location is nice and secluded. It’s still under construction, but I’m transforming it into my sanctuary. I have to add a few finishing touches to complete the atmosphere and look but I cannot wait to share pictures and give a “studio tour.”

For the most part life has been great, now that I’m starting to catch up with myself. Once this internship is over, I’ll be able to focus completely on developing this blog and taking it to the next level. I have many plans for Glambitious, that is going to take some time and investments to achieve. I’ll keep writing and highlighting the changes as they come. In the meantime as I said before, take some time and read my contributions to the other two platforms I’m featured on.

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey.




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