Yesterday I started my 10-day Alkaline juice cleanse. For the past 24+ hours, I’ve only consumed raw juice and alkaline water. I took a shot of sea moss and started taking bladderwrack tablets to boost my metabolism. My overall goal during this journey is to grow closer to God while losing the last bit of my weight. I started my vegetarian diet after my last cleanse in May, I’ve had a 100% plant based diet since 10/1. Therefore my body isn’t a stranger to plant based foods.

The alkaline diet is a system of eating based on the belief that certain foods leave an alkaline residue, or ash, in the body. Foods are classified as alkaline, neutral, or acidic based on their pH. Alkaline foods are those that have a positive pH. -One Green Planet

Throughout these 10-days, I will be indulging myself in positivity and the word of God, by reading my bible and my spiritual meditation book, Drawing Closer to God  by Dianne Neal Matthews. The book is a 365-day meditation and question journal. I’ve subscribed to two podcast, Joel and Victoria Olsteen and The Friend Zone. I practice constant prayer and meditation throughout the day to fight the hunger “pains.”

So I’m sure you’re wondering how Day-1 went. Can’t say it was easy, but I can’t say it was hard either. I drink 1 quart of green juice and 1 gallon of Alkaline water.


Symptoms: Besides my stomach growling when I was hungry, I was really sluggish. I took a 2-hour nap and I felt better afterwards. During my meditation I was able to focus more. Usually, when meditating my thoughts drift instead of focusing on my breathing. I haven’t experienced any migraines or that weird fuzzy head feeling like before.

I know I have the ability to get through the next 8-days with no problem. I’m challenging my willpower in such a rigorous way. I’m so used to giving in when I feel like I cannot go any longer with anything. I have so much potential to be great in all areas of my life, but I let my lazy bone get the best of me and I usually quit. I’m sick of that, I want to be better and do better, especially in my spiritual and physical wellness life.

These 10-days of fasting will force me to channel my faith and positive thinking. Reading the old testament, I realized that sacrifice plays a major role in getting to the next level. The sacrificing of possessions or habits that we love and find most pleasure in will make room for the blessings God has lined up for you. It puts you in a place where you have no choice but to focus on God for the strength and ability to get to where you want to go.

I have so much inspiration around me that failure is not an option. These 10-days will be liberating for me and my spirit. Each day, I’ll publish a recap story to share my experiences during my journey.

Thanks for reading.

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey!



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