Oh day-2! Definitely harder to get through than the first day. I had to work a full 8-hour day without enough juice. Not to mention my job is located next door to a Subway, and the aroma seeped through walls like the ooze from Goosebumps. However, I finished the work day by drinking a gallon and a half of water, and guzzled a pint of juice when I got home.

My stomach growled and rumbled the entire day. The mental coaching I had to do was exhausting as hell. I’m also starting to breakout on my chin, but I’m not sure if that’s from detoxing or a telegram from Aunt Flow telling me she’ll be here in a few days. Either way my chin look ridiculous!

green-894993_1920I do notice a decrease in bloating, which is always great to see. I still haven’t experienced any headaches or migraines, although they are common in most juice cleanses. What I am most happy about is the fact that I have no problem waking up. On Sunday, when I took that two hour nap, I woke up without feeling groggy or with the desire to go back to sleep. I also took a nap yesterday before I went to the gym. Usually, if I take a nap before the gym, I never want to go. The complete opposite happened last night.

I go to Planet Fitness with my best friend. Last night we got to the gym at about 10 p.m. and were there until just before midnight. I didn’t do any running, so the entire night was dedicated to weightlifting and abs.


Each morning I listen to the Joel and Victoria Olsteen podcast while I’m getting ready for my day. I listen for encouragement and positive reinforcement before I leave the house. I also meditate for 10-minutes when I get home from work. I use this moment to go inward and chant various mantras such as “I am successful,” “I am powerful,” and of course “Everyday Going Hard.” I also use this time to pray and thank God for getting me through the day safely and giving me the ability to ignore the temptation to eat. Before bed I read assigned passages from the bible with my daily meditation book mentioned in my day-1 recap.


As I stated before my overall goal is to grow closer to God and strengthen my faith. Even people who seem to have the strongest faith, have moments of doubts. I don’t want any doubts. I have no reason to doubt, God has shown out in my life since January 1, he’s kept every promise. Unfortunately, I’ve been neglectful in showing him thanks for blessing me these past 9-months. I’ve just been living, and acknowledging Him only when something great happens…and I wonder why parts of my life isn’t flourishing as I think it should. I’m also on the search for a church home in Kalamazoo, where I can tithe. I’ve become squalid in giving back to the kingdom, and I wonder why I keep falling off the road to financial freedom. I’m working on doing better.

This fast is going really well and I can’t wait until day-10. Follow me on Instagram @everydaygoinghard where I’ll be posting day 1, day 5 and day 10 photos to document the change.

Thanks for reading….

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey!



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