An amazing mental turn around for me during day 4. If you’ve read my post from yesterday about day 3, then you know what I’m referring to. Continuing my usual routine, ginger water and bladderwrack tablet for breakfast, while listening to Joel Olsteen podcast, my day-4 began. I drank my juice and water throughout the day (more water than juice). Yesterday, I couldn’t make it to the gym so I relaxed my muscles that are insanely tight from the first two days.

I’m constantly detoxing and it’s coming out from my chin. I have pimples all over my lower face. I’m sure wearing make up for half of my day doesn’t help but I make sure to clean my face green-456839_1280as soon as I get home.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been as hungry as I was the first couple of days and I also haven’t had a BM since Sunday before my first juice. Not sure if I should be worried about that, but I don’t see why I should considering I’ve only been consuming liquids. Plus my body had already expelled all of it’s waste prior to this cleanse. So

I’m 95.999% sure I’m fine. I don’t feel any discomfort and haven’t while on this cleanse.


During my time off from the gym, I was able to catch on my reading. Let me say, how sad I am for not reading it on day 3.

I was posed with the question “How long are you going to waste time conquering the land God has given you?” Read Joshua 18:1-10 and answer that question.

We procrastinate when God tells us to do something hard. We put off doing things we know we need to do. We avoid facing unpleasant issues or problems we need to address. Our inaction results in wasted time and missed opportunities, and often allows a pressing situation to get worse.

Dianne Neal Matthews

The entire purpose of this cleanse is to grow closer to God and strengthen my faith. I took a moment after reading to meditate and pray. I asked God to show me areas in my life that I have failed to claim my rightful inheritance of spiritual blessings. Going into this I know that when it comes to tithing, I’m terrible. I can always find a reason to not give. Considering that I have been penny pitching for the past 6 years, I can only fault myself for that issue.


God has blessed me in so many ways. I always have a job unless I choose not to work, I have a very supportive family, I was blessed to be a product of a two parent home, the list goes on. Shame on me for not sacrificing 10% of my blessings to him. I believe my biggest challenge in my spiritual journey is sacrifice. Which is the foundation of this cleanse.

I remember “fasting” with my family and church home back in Detroit during high school and I absolutely hated it. I would either cheat the fast or give up something I know I didn’t want any way. That’s obviously not sacrifice. However, I was ignorant to the significance of sacrifice. I knew that God made the ultimate sacrifice for us as his children, but I had the mindset that I had nothing to sacrifice. Until now, in my adult life I am constantly hoping and praying for God to do something. But why should He go out his way to do anything for me and I haven’t done much for him. I know He isn’t that petty, but it’s what he ask of me. I can’t just give thanks and expect the world to be dropped in my lap.

This fast is a sacrifice of eating and  control.

I put limits on myself by trying to control everything. I’ve put my strength in Gods hands completely and I’ve been able to get this far in my cleanse. Past cleanses have started on the right track but always end up being a partial cleanse because I fall victim to my flesh. This 4-day journey has been mind blowing. The changes I see physically and how I feel spiritually and mentally are far beyond my expectation. I encourage anyone who wants to embark on any type of journey to include a Spiritual Guide. You will surpass so many boundaries that you would normally put on yourself without even thinking.

Since you’re reading this and you’ve gotten this far, I have a challenge for you. Incorporate your Spiritual Guide in all you do for three days, with a positive attitude. Document your days and be as detailed as possible. Challenge yourself to give up control and see how your day’s turn out. Definitely don’t be shy, share them with me. I’m no expert but I’m growing through my journey so I can share some advice.

Thanks for reading, remember to love you and love your journey.




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