Top 5 ways to Reduce Stress

During these days, stress can show up at any time in our lives. Society, School, Social Life, Schedules or any other “S” word I failed to mention. What ever is going on in our lives can have a high potential in causing stress, if we aren’t to careful. So, I would like to share my Top 5 most effective tips in reducing stress in day to day life.


Accepting what can’t be changed is hard to do. Considering that I am an individual that reflects often; I put myself in a down mood because of what I wish I could’ve done.  I have to understand that I cannot control anything in my past, because it’s in the past. I like to focus on the fact that I made it out of the situation. I also like how I’m able to refer to it as a learning experience. In my present, I can implement these lessons of the past when making current decisions.


It’s great to feel like we have a bunch of friends. However, I want to pose the question, how are your friends contributing to your overall wellness? Are your friends truly supportive of your dreams? Do they get angry when you can’t visit on the weekend because of a work thing? Creating our circles gives us the maximum control over our network. It’s important to create a circle that will motivate you and push you toward your goals. Our circle of friends should provide a judgement free space for venting or healthy discussion.

“Keep squares out of your circle!”


When experiencing stress, it’s common to overlook the actual reason we’re stressed out. Take a moment to identify what is actually causing your stress. Is it because you feel unorganized which has you overwhelmed? Have you been putting something off for a while and it’s close to the deadline? Is it something that has happened in the past and you wish you could’ve handled it differently? What ever the cause may be, notice it. Once you’ve noticed what’s causing stress, you’ll be able to handle it. Self-reflection has helped me tremendously with stress. Considering most of the time it’s either something I did or did not do that is making me freak out.


Staying organized can be difficult. Trust me you are not alone with this. It’s easy to fill up our mental calendar, but it’s also easy to forget something when we haven’t written it down. There is a 60% chance that you’ll finish a task when you write them down. My way of staying on top of task, is writing them in my planner and adding them to my calendar app. Planning each week, day by day. This gives me a quick to-do list, I can refer to throughout the week that will keep my stress levels all the way down. When it’s in my face, I have no way to ignore it.


Make the decisions necessary that will eliminate stress. If there is a project that needs to be completed, schedule the process. What needs to be done that will assist with the completion of the project? Everyday we are gifted with the power of discernment. We have the power of choice. What choices are you willing to make that will lower your stress levels and get you closer to your said goals?

Stress is never easy to deal with, but there are so many tips and tricks that will assist you in your daily living that will and can reduce all signs of stress. I hope this post was helpful, thanks for reading.

Remember to LOVE you and LOVE your journey!



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