Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

My name is Jillynn, but I usually go by Jill. As a recent graduate from Western Michigan University, I am transitioning into a life that I’ve longed for. Over the past years school has been my main priority, and since I am done with that, I have the opportunity to focus on a few passions.

Being “Glambitious” is just as it sounds. It’s having ambition with a feminine and glamorous twist. I believe in empowering women and baby we are on a major come up, professionally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. These are the major lanes of our lives and we should be successful in all and then some. The goal is to use this platform as a way to mark my experiences as I grow.

I was born in the city of Detroit, to two wonderful parents. I have two crazy sisters and I’m the fabulous middle princess. I’ve always been a writer, however I kept all my stories to myself. I seriously have about five journals that are nearly full and it’s only June.


The purpose of this site is to introduce myself to the world. I will be sharing new and old stories with hopes to inspire, educate, and just simply get things out my head [you’ll find out what this means soon enough.]

I am FRESH out of college, and my journey has just begun. However, I want to take you along the way, as I grow in the various avenues of my life.

I encourage feedback, so please connect.