Finally…Some sort of break.

Of course, as usual I start something and life gets crazy and distracts. So much has been going on, I don't even know where to start. I'm two weeks from finishing my internship with ArtPrize. I've have an actual full-time job with benefits. I've moved into my own apartment. So to say the least, I've … Continue reading Finally…Some sort of break.

Stop being an Emotional Wreck, here’s how to feel better. 

I don't think I've cried so much in my life than I have this week. Which is weird, for me at least. It's rare that I'm ever "emotional" so the moment I can't go a day without crying, I have to implement a few things to get over myself and move on. Since Wednesday of … Continue reading Stop being an Emotional Wreck, here’s how to feel better. 

I’ve Finally Let “it” Go

Have you ever encountered a situation you know would normally piss you off? But this encounter is different, you don’t get mad at all. Instead you smile, laugh or shrug your shoulders. If this has happened to you, you’ve finally let it go. I’ve recently had this experience. Finally letting go of something is the best … Continue reading I’ve Finally Let “it” Go

GLAMBITIOUS: Accepting Where I Am 

Self-doubt has been trying to creep back in my life and I'm not having it. This is only the result of comparing myself to other people or to my past expectations.  Grant it, I know that I've accomplished so many things in my life and just recently, with graduation. However, the expectations I had as … Continue reading GLAMBITIOUS: Accepting Where I Am